Dreams won't come true

Det är inte ofta jag får dessa attacker, men när jag får de så är de väldigt starka och jag faller hårt.
Det känns även lättare att skriva allt på engelska då man känner sig mer säker då.

I don't know how long it takes before it breaks me down and all my strenght. I long for a country I've never seen, I long for a country I know nothing about. My body is craving this country more than I can controll. I could sacrifice everything I had for it. I could give my home away, my self and everything I own. Just let me reach my dreams, please. Take me to it and help me, help me on the way. I can't stay here forever, it breaks me apart. I just can't stand the thought of staying here. I wan't to leave, now, before it's to late. I don't wanna be stuck here, and If I don't leave soon enugh I will be forced to live here forever. I love the united states more than anything..except Michael, but that's different.


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