This takes my mind away

Day 01| First song you can ever remember hearing of Michael’s

Day 02| First album you ever owned

Day 03| Favorite song from each solo album

Day 04| Least favorite song from each solo album

Day 05| Your current favorite songs

Day 06| Your favorite Jacksons album

Day 07| Favorite memory associated with a Michael Jackson song

Day 08| A song that brings you to tears, or nearly

Day 09| Favorite J5 song, and three runners up

Day 10| Favorite Jacksons song, and three runners up

Day 11| Favorite duet

Day 12| A song you would have liked Michael to cover

Day 13| A song you feel is underrated

Day 14| Favorite short film

Day 15| Favorite choreography from a short film or live show

Day 16| Your most played songs, according to iTunes (or whichever program you use)

Day 17| A song you love to sing along with

Day 18| Favorite song done live

Day 19| Favorite unreleased song

Day 20| A playlist you’d make to introduce a friend to MJ’s music (15 songs)

Day 21| The song you most remember from your childhood / (if you are a relatively new fan: the song that first got you interested in MJ’s music)

Day 22| Have you ever performed for an audience or recorded yourself performing an MJ song/dance?

Day 23| A song that deserves its own short film, but never had one

Day 24| An artist you’d have liked Michael to sing a duet or collaborate with

Day 25| Your reaction when you hear Michael’s music being played in public

Day 26| The short film you’d most like to be an extra in

Day 27| A song that Michael never sang on tour, but should have

Day 28| A song you’d like to have Michael sing to you personally

Day 29| A track you usually skip over

Day 30| Your top 15 songs of all time

Nej, jag har inte glömt att denna blogg är för Michael's skull, därför gör jag detta, så att ingen tror att jag har glömt honom.

Postat av: Edith

Neeemo har du glömt den här listan? ;)

2011-06-02 @ 00:08:22

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